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Hide From the Scary Scenes 2b p i
 Ehehehe, i'm feeling a bit writer blocked, so i'll post what i've got so far.
i mean, any update is good right? even if it's  a bit short..

TITLE:  Hide From The Scary Scenes 2b part i
AUTHOR: holycydonia  
PAIRING: Belldom
RATING: M – swearing, drug use, sexual references.
SUMMARY: Teen Muse, I don’t really know what’s going to happen.
DISCLAIMER: Don't own Muse apparently.. So that kind of sucks. :P
NOTES: I will try and finish this story, unlike the rest, which are not finished because I am a lazy sod (I shall keep this note here in case I forget to update. Therefore you guys can remind me to stop being so lazy.)


“Where are we going?” I whined. Even though I would most likely follow him if he jumped off a cliff.
“You’ll see, come on!” Dom yelled over his shoulder and ran off.
Me, I’m not too keen on running. I’m not terribly unfit, but running and smoking isn’t really a good combination. I half ran, half walked to catch up.
“Are we there yet?”
“Yep!” came a muffled reply, it seemed Dom was searching his bag for something. I looked around to see where we were. Below the sodding pier. What the fuck?
“What’s so good about this place?” I asked, with disappointment hinting in my voice.
“This is Smokers. Welcome. It’s sheltered from the weather, no one can see us, plus the breeze that does blow through here gets rid of the smell.”
“The smell of what?”
“AH! Found it!” He held up a rather small bag of weed “Weed. It gets rid of the smell of it.”
He must have seen the look on my face, because he gave me a dazzling smile as he passed me the bag and some papers.
“You can roll right?”
“C-course I can… You got a knife or something?”
“Planning on killing me already?” 
“Haha. No, you twat. It’s to cut this smoke, so I can get the tobacco.”
“Oh. Good idea. I didn’t think of that…” Obviously. 
Three joints later…
“And then he told me,” I was waving my arms like mad. “I’m shagging Jimi Hendrix!” And I was all “Woah man, that is fucking rad!” Dom flopped onto the ground next to me, a dopey look on his face. “I think we should travel the Astral highway.” His face is adorable stoned.
“The what?”
“The Astral highway. It’s the road that will take us to the future, or back into the past. It’s the best place to go this time of the year.”
“You want to take some shroomies?” he said curiously.
I giggled. “You sir, are stoned. We haven’t got any!”
Dom waggled his eyebrows at me.
“No! No fucking way! You’re bullshitting me!” I probably could have caught some flies.
“Well then, I’ll just have them all to myself.” He said hugging a paper bag to his chest.
“Sharing is caring Dommlington. Give me some.” I giggled. 
“Mm, I like it, has a certain ring to it. And it’s cute.” I was aiming to sound like a posh wine connesieur.
“Fuck you.” And that’s when he started to wrestle me.
“OI! WATCH THE HANDS!” I shrieked. 
“Does Matty not likey it when I hurty his handys?”  His face was merely inches from my face.
“No, he doesn’t likey. Matty likey his handys for playingy of piano…y.” 
“Righto then! Some shrooms for sir?”
“Yes please!”
And the next thing I know is I’m hanging upside down, taking in the different perspective and giggling at Dom.
“You look funny upside down, dorky, dork, dorky, adorkable!”
“Sssshhhhhhhvrrrrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!” was Dom’s response. 
“What,” I asked in between giggles, “are you doing?“
“I’m cleaning, with my vacuum cleaner, duh.” Dom said whilst “cleaning” my face with his “vacuum cleaner” which was a pebble off the ground. It was too much; I was laughing so much my tummy was hurting, I fell off whatever I was hanging from. Thud.
“Are you ok?” Dom said with a concerned look on his face, but trying not to laugh.
“I… I think so.” I said oddly, rubbing my head. “I see stars!”
“Where? Why can’t I see the stars?” He looked around maniacally. 
“They’re gone now, but you look eatable.” 
I started to bite Dom’s shoulder. “Your jumper tastes funny.”
“That’s probably cause’ it hasn’t had a wash for ages.”
I continued munching, taking in the glorious sight of Dom’s neck… It was so tempting. I could get away with it right? I could blame the drugs. Or pretend not to remember!
“Ow! What the shit man?” 
“I wanted to see if you tasted as bad as your jumper.” Or that.
“Do I?”
“A little bit… Arrrrgh! What was that for?” I said rubbing the spot on my arm where Dom had punched me.
“You said I taste like shit!”
“Well… You do!” I smirked.
“Fuck you.”
Another silence.
“I bet I taste better than you.” He turned towards me with a glint in his eyes.
“Oh really?”
“Yah, really.”  And he lunged on top of me.
“Owww! Dom! Fuck man! The hands dude, the hands!” I struggled to move my hands out of the way of Dom’s body as he pinned me down.
“Lemme taste you! And then I’ll taste me, and see who tastes better!”
         “Erm, ok then. Let’s see your scientific geniusness then! Bite me mofo!”


Will continue this part a bit later.


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Oh I am glad you are continuing this! I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes and when Dom's going to find out about Matt's abuse at home.

Oh, this is interesting! Brilliant. <3

I was so excited when I saw you updated this story! Can't wait for the next chapter!

(Deleted comment)
Well i should hope so!
cause that whole stoned scene is actually a true story. :P
oh i know about teen things being 17 and that. :D

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