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bowie =O
 "I have had the most amazing week and a bit. It has been way too perfect and I have loved every moment of it. EVERYONE I have met and talked to in this time I just want to say I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. You are amazing and I’m glad I could spend this time with you. Thanks for the best time of my life so far :)" Christina summed it up for me.

So i'm just going to make you all jealous again now.

After the gig on Tuesday, we waited around after for Muse, and got to talk to them briefly as they were leaving. BUT DOM DIDN'T LEAVE WITH THE OTHERS. D:
So we waited and waited. And everyone bailed at like 2:20am, but i stuck around, and BAM! There was Dominic Howard, casually walking out to leave, at 2:30am, with one proper fan and an three asians who didn't know what was going on.



1. Got a fucking sexy picture of Tom getting out of the van with a coffee.

2. Took a picture of a hot pigeon.

3. Talked to Dom about the morphsuit before the gig tonight, then what do you know, there’s a twitpic!

4. Had a convo with Chris about cigarettes.

5. Tried to bum a cigarette of Marty, who is Matt’s driver, but i didn’t know until later.

6. Managed to bum a cigarette of another driver by complementing his hair.

7. Talked to Jason about the Morphsuit and getting Dom to wear it, which he replied with “I’m not sure I wanna see that” in his American accent and all.


8. With Jack we went to our seats, then i said let’s go see Tom. And the whole row behind the sound/camera area, tickets weren’t sold. so we sat directly behind Tom.

9. It was hard to get Tom’s attention cause of his headphones, so i wrote a note ( you’ll see it in pictures soon!) and gave it to him. He tore of the corner of his setlist so he knew it was for me. I wrote a note back written in lipstick saying “Thank you so much Tom, I love you forever xx love sophie” . Then he gave me a raspberry (fruit).


10. a signed setlist, and ticket, and keeping my note which he read, looked at me, gave me gooey eyes, held the note to his chest, and put it in his back pocket.


Met Jason again at the airport, he remembered us. :) I somehow managed to get him to give us free tickets for some South American shows if we can get over there, and free tickets for the next Aus tour.

“Jason: You guys going to Perth?

Georgia, Niky, Christina and myself: Nope.

J: What about South America?

Me: Maybe.. If you can get us tickets *sneaky look*

J: Sure i can hook you guys up for that, and the next Australian tour. not the flights though. ;)

G, N, C and Me: O_O *spazz*”



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I met the guys at Perth Airport yesterday and while I was chatting to Tom, I mentioned you (the raspberry thing). He laughed and said "Yeah, I didn't BLOW a raspberry, I actually gave her a piece of fruit."

*which I knew, but hey, he remembered you* :-D

Ahhhhhh. Danny said yesterday that Tom was talking about me (in a good way!) on Wed after the gig! I was like U SRS MAN? And he's like yeah, he thinks you're cool! I'm like O_O NO WAI. THIS IS AWESOME.

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